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Who We Are

MSC Express is a Texas based company with operating authority as a contract and common carrier since 2004 and a Freight Broker since 2007.

We are a bonded carrier.

We offer transportation freight services to 48 states in the US.

We believe that good communication is paramount to excellent services.

We constantly strive to exceed our customer's expectations while anticipating their future needs.

We take pride in our operations and the excellence of their skills.

Why MSC Express

Our owner, truck operators, and Transportation Logistics Department have years of experience in this industry.

Our truck operators are in contact with out transportation specialist by cell phones, and check-in twice a day.

Our owner/operations manager is accessible 24/7 by cell phone for any questions, concerns and/or changes in load status.

The availability of our team drivers ensures we can meet your express transportation needs.

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